860 and Counting

860 and Counting

“A subtle thought that is an error may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths of great value.” –Isaac Asimov

In light of recent disappointing news in the HIV vaccine field, we at Bridge HIV would like to acknowledge the strength and perseverance of our clinical trial volunteers. Every vaccine trial that doesn’t work is important because it gives us vital information that leads us closer to finding a vaccine. Bridge HIV will continue our fight against this disease to one day find an effective HIV vaccine.

On this HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2013, we take a moment to reflect on the 860 volunteers throughout the Bay Area who have graced us as vaccine trial participants here at Bridge HIV. We are amazed by how much each and every one of our volunteers has taught us and moved us toward finding an effective HIV vaccine.

We are humbled by their curiosity in stepping forward to find out about vaccine science. We are in awe of their patience in learning how a clinical trial works. We are thankful for their commitment to making it to appointments and answering our questions. We know that it takes vulnerability, accountability, and optimism to volunteer for our studies and we know that those values make our participants extra-ordinary.

So even if they don’t hail from Krypton, have a secret identity or don a special cape (although we wouldn’t be surprised if they do), we want to let all of our vaccine participants know that they are SUPERHEROES!

By Dr. Darpun Sachdev, HIV Vaccine Fellow, Bridge HIV

May 2013