Our Partners

Together, we span the globe.

Bridge HIV often collaborates with clinical trial sites around the world to conduct research on HIV prevention. We are a member of global networks of the world’s leading HIV scientists, educators, and community leaders. Our partnerships with these global networks, as well as local and global nonprofits and government agencies help us sustain our mission. Learn more about the organizations we are honored to collaborate with:

HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
The HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) is the world’s largest publicly funded multi-disciplinary international collaboration facilitating the development of vaccines to prevent HIV/AIDS. The HVTN conducts all phases of clinical trials, from evaluating experimental vaccines for safety and immunogenicity to testing vaccine efficacy. 

HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN)
The HIV Prevention Trials Network is a worldwide collaborative clinical trials network that brings together investigators, ethicists, community and other partners to develop and test the safety and efficacy of interventions designed to prevent the acquisition and transmission of HIV.  They focus on antiretroviral drugs, interventions for substance abuse, behavioral risk reduction, and structural interventions.

Adolescent Trials Network (ATN)
The Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions (ATN) research program aims to defeat the HIV epidemic among adolescents and young adults in the United States. ATN is led by investigators with innovative thinking and novel approaches to increase awareness of HIV status in youth and, for those diagnosed with HIV, increase access to health care.

Microbicide Trials Network (MTN)
The Microbicide Trials Network brings together international investigators and community and industry partners whose work is focused on the development and evaluation of promising microbicides to prevent transmission of HIV.

AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG)
The AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) is one of the largest networks of expert clinical trials investigators and research sites in the world. The ACTG serves as a major resource for HIV/AIDS research, treatment, care and training/education in all the communities it serves with a mission to cure HIV infection and reduce the burden of disease due to HIV and its complications. Our partner in the San Francisco Bay Clinical Trials Unit operates as an ACTG site from within the Positive Health Program at the University of California, San Francisco.

Getting to Zero
Getting to Zero San Francisco (GTZSF) is comprised of a wide range of stakeholders, including leaders from UCSF, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, the private healthcare sector, community-based organizations, local government officials, and community activists. Their aim is to eliminate new HIV infections, HIV-associated deaths, and HIV stigma and discrimination, with the ultimate goal of making San Francisco the first city in the world to see an end to HIV/AIDS. Bridge HIV’s leadership are active members of GTZSF: Dr. Buchbinder was a founding member, she and Dr. Scott sit on the GTZ Steering Committee, and Dr. Liu is the co-chair of the GTZ PrEP Committee.

AIDS Research Institute (ARI)
The AIDS Research Institute (ARI) coordinates and integrates all AIDS research activities at the University of California, San Francisco. The ARI stimulates innovation and supports interdisciplinary collaboration aimed at all aspects of the epidemic domestically and around the world. Bridge HIV’s Drs. Buchbinder and Scott serve on ARI’s Executive Committee.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services. CDC funds cutting edge research to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Bridge HIV works closely with the CDC on several HIV prevention research projects.

Heluna Health
Heluna Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people and communities by providing a wide spectrum of quality management services in partnership with government, nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Heluna Health provides Bridge HIV with administrative services supporting accounting, grants management and human resources functions.