Community Advisory Group

Community Advisory Group

Our dynamic Community Advisory Group (CAG) is comprised of local individuals who consult with us to ensure that our work is responsive to the needs and concerns of the diverse communities we serve. The purpose of the CAG is to include community members in all levels of the research process, including:

  • Grant applications
  • Study design
  • Gaining informed consent
  • Community education
  • Recruitment efforts
  • Results dissemination
  • Protection of study volunteers

The CAG brings specific and unique expertise to the research process by informing researchers of local issues or concerns that can affect the conduct and successful implementation of research studies. Members have included health educators, study participants, people living with HIV/AIDS, women of childbearing age, youth, representatives from diverse racial and ethnic communities, religious communities, and representatives from community-based organizations.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our CAG or providing us with feedback about our work, please contact us at (628) 217-7400 or

Please note CAG meetings are private and open only to members.